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Katy Wheelock

Katy Wheelock (owner) is an experienced trip organizer and leader, having designed and led multiple student exchanges and educational trips to Senegal, Quebec, and France in her role as middle and high school teacher.


In 1997, Katy won a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship to the Université Cheikh Anta Diop. For the next two years, she lived and studied in Senegal and worked at the International Organization for Migration, various language programs, and at a Senegalese homeless children’s shelter.


Through her professional work with the African Union as well as student and family trips, she returned to Senegal nearly 10 other times for 1-2 weeks per trip. Now 25 years later, Katy wishes to share her love and knowledge of Senegal on specially-tailored trips for French language educators.

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Matou Diallo

Matou Diallo, a Senegalese teacher of French, born and raised in Senegal, currently working and living in the United States.


With a wealth of experience teaching French and Wolof, he has also worked to execute various trips to Senegal for both students and teachers coming on exchanges.


His firsthand experience with cultural and linguistic training for US Peace Corps volunteers in Senegal, as well as connections to professionals, schools, family and other guides will make this a rewarding and enriching experience for all. Matou has worked with (SIT) School for International Training study abroad for 8 years and CIEE (Council on International Educational Exchange) for 12 years before moving to the US.

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