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French Teacher Travel with Vive Summer 2024 in Senegal!

Chers amis,

We still have a few spots available for our three 2024 French language educator trips for travel to Senegal. We will be purchasing our group tickets soon, so consider signing up for a meeting or paying a deposit today (click here to learn more about the programs).

Summer #1 June 16 – June 27, 2024

Summer #2 June 30 – July 11, 2024

Vive has an upcoming informational meeting this Wednesday, November 15 at 7PM ET (click here to sign up). Learn more about French teacher travel to Senegal with Vive in Summer 2024!

La rentrée! Times are busy so I wanted to share a lesson here (click to view) from TVMonde on Senegalese tea to use in your classes. The lesson is rated B1, but you could always simplify for your audience. At FLAVA (Foreign Language Association of Virginia) I recently co-presented with a colleague & participant on our 2023 Program to Senegal as well as a Virginian French teacher who is sénégalaise-mauritanienne. Our presentation: Add more francophonie: Vive le Sénégal focused on Senegalese families, ataya (tea) and music. We demonstrated how to make ataya and its importance for connecting in person with conversation. Your students will love it - consider making and drinking some ataya in class!

I’ll be at the ACTFL Convention in Chicago, attending sessions focused on la francophonie, DEI, and French teaching. If you are attending too, click here to sign up and I'll reach out with a time for a small group of us to grab a coffee or tea together, and connect in person! This would be a great meet up for past participants, those already signed up for 2024, and those who want to learn more before signing up.

Looking forward to seeing you in person or online soon! Be sure to follow us @vivelexperience on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter to see our photos and new resources for your classes.

I'm also available to meet 1-1 on Zoom. Choose a convenient time here (click to sign up).

Learn. Experience. Connect. We hope you will choose to travel with us in 2024.



Vive French language educators meet their Senegalese village host families

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