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Last Minute Holiday Gifts for French Teachers! (Newsletter 12/17/23)


This is a great opportunity to transform your French classroom or home with a touch of Senegal!

Purchase gifts by midnight 12/19/23 and get 2-day shipping for $8

Purchases over $50 - shipping is free


Our vibrant Senegalese fabric pillows, featured at Vive l'expérience, are the perfect last-minute Christmas gifts for yourself or French teacher colleague.


Why choose these pillows?

  • Cultural enrichment: Each design, from cobalt blue stripes to geometric patterns, represents the diversity of the Francophone West Africa world, bringing a lively and colorful touch to your teaching environment.

  • Enhance your teaching environment: Use these pillows to make a more warm and welcoming classroom.

  • Affordable: Priced between $18.50 - $30, these pillows are a budget-friendly way to add a Francophone flair to your classroom or livingroom.


Hurry! Limited stock available.

Marché HLM vendors with African Wax Fabrics
Marché HLM vendors with African Wax Fabrics

African Wax Fabric Pillow with tear-drop features
African Wax Fabric Pillows make perfect gifts

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