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Vous me manquez, OMLTA

Fan with Canadian singer Le Flo Franco
Thrilled to meet LeFlo Franco.

It was a pleasure to meet new friends north of the border in Toronto, Canada at OMLTA. Thank you for welcoming me as a first-time participant, exhibitor, and teacher presenter. The experience was amazing. I had the chance to see Julien Granel in concert with a bunch of Manie Musicale teachers, and then of course, LeFlo at the convention was epic. Hearing Ben Tinsley was another highlight as well. His message resonates with me, and I hope that I can be an agent for change through my work with Vive l’expérience.


Pooping statues
Catalan caganers offered as raffle prizes

Raffle winners

Congratulations to the OMLTA raffle winners, Wendy, Ileang, Josh, Andrea and Arnelle! Enjoy your “cheeky” Catalan Caganers or Senegalese Sweetgrass baskets!


Teachers at a conference workshop about Senegal
Hey, let's go to Senegal!

Vive Workshop

These teachers enjoyed an OMLTA session focused on Senegalese resources on family, music, and tea. If you are looking to add more culturally inclusive materials in your French classes, explore our free, curated resources.


Two teachers in Toronto
Exploring a little bit of Toronto together

Curated travel: Senegal & Spain

If you would like to learn more about our trips to Senegal, join our next informational meeting on April 29 on Zoom. RSVP below!

(Photo: Michelle Fournier of Manie Musicale fame will be traveling to Senegal with us this summer!)

Exhibitor table at convention
Introducing our curated trips to Canadian teachers

Let's stay in touch

Stay informed and learn about new resources as they become available. If you know of any other teachers who might be interested in our travel to Senegal or Spain, workshops, or our resources, please share this email with them.

Wishing you a great end to your school year and hope our paths will cross again soon!


Katy Wheelock

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